Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fly India!!

PhotobucketYeppppppppppppppppyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Time to fly tommorrow. Our first vacation after marraige. I m so exited m jumping all around, calling everybody, and standing on a feet to fly...... We will be pampered too much by each nd everyone........ Lots of functions to attend, Lots of Masti....... Lots of Fun.....
Miss me Guys!!!!!!! I'll meet u all after Vacations...........
With A Million Dollar Smile Aps Signing off!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buttered Onions with Mushrooms & Pickled Cucumbers

Easy To Cook Good To Eat

This Post was lying in my drafts from months............. Daizy Aps was Lazy, but today she is found time to blog!! I had made this for myself one afternoon as my hubby was'nt there for lunch. Trust me its simple tangy and crunchy....

Here is the recipe:

We need:
Pickled small Cucumbers- 1/4th cup
Sliced Mushrooms -1/4th cup
Sliced Onions-1/4th cup
Chopped Capsicums -3tbsp
Tomato Sauce -1 tbsp
Soya Sauce -2 tsp
Fresh Corn Kernels -3tbsp
Butter -3 tbsp
Low fat cheese slice-2
Salt to taste
Method: Heat butter add onions and fry them till crisp. Then add sliced mushrooms,cucumbers, corn kernels,chopped capsicums and mix well. Add soya sauce,tomato sauce, salt and mix well, fry for 5 minutes and remove from flame and cover it with cheese slices and enjoy this crunchy stir fry.

I m sending this to Event 15 Minute Cooking by Mahima.

Signing off For Now,



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lovely Awards

Long Back Trupti had passed me some Awards and had to collect them nd I like a dumb doll Just checked them nd 4got to publish so how about doing that today?? Ok Ok i will do that. Yest Pavithra of My Diverse Kitchen awarded me i remembered about Trupti’s awarded and started hunting for the award in my earlier posts...... Huh!!!! I found it i found it I yelled! I m sorry Trupti :(
I will do it now. It’s just 4 months of blogging and i have all these awards . My hubby dear is also very much happy as his beautiful wife is doing something wonderful and is cooking lovely food for him.
Thank u trupti. Trupti- A all-rounder who has everything in her blog may be starts from starter or ends with a dessert.

Thank u Pavithra – Dishes from my Kitchen is new to me but still leaves her wonderful comments and has lovely foodies in her blog.
I wud love to pass these awards to some of my lovely blogging friends,
Ujwal- My first person from whom i learnt ABC of blogging and who has lovely dishes in her Kitchlab.
Varsha Vipins – who has awesome food and clicks in her space.
Namratha Kini – who has simple nd easy foodies at her kitchen.
Neha – who has tasty recipes and hosts wonderful event.
Lubna’s Yummy Food- whose food is not only Yummy but easy to do.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Sunday with my Hubby in Jeddah

Hey guys!! Enjoyed ur weekend??? We did too.... this time it was double weekend.. our regular weekend is on Thursday and Friday.... We got a bonus A Sunday too... every time there was a Sunday missing in Jeddah as it was a week day... we found it this time... next week we lose it again...... ;). As it was Easter my hubby had off. I decided to prepare something yummm nd his fav too... My fav also but first preference this time is to my Dear Husband.

In Mlore we used to get Ready made puris and then mae the msala nd relish them,here we dont get ready made puris so i had to make them.Pani Puri Is every bodys fav in our place. The first time i had prepared puris for pani puri it dint fluffL. I asked Uj as to how it wud fluff she told me the recipe but i never found time to make them... when Uj posted her recipe last month i decided of doing them but again Lazy Dazy!! Yest i decided i shud prpr them... and hog. Before preparing them i asked my hubby to adjust if the puris don’t fluff but BOY!!!!!! It did fluff (no boundaries to my joy). After it was done my Hubby was on nd on relishing them. We love it. My hubby has even aske me for a pani puri session when we r in Mlore :). Nd yeh tht my Burgers Tasted Like Mc.D we even have burger party there.
I had the yum yum Pani puri. I followed Ujwals Recipe for Paani Puri but I made some changes in the Pani puri instead of wheat flour I used APF( all purpose flour) and for the masala i used boiled and mashed potatoes parboiled moong(un sprouted), salt, onions and chaat masala. And for the sweet chutney i added 10-12 dates which i had soaked for 15 minutes in hot water and ground it with jaggery tamarind 2 red chillies. Then mixed it with salt..

Thank u Uj for ur recipe...
All u have chaat corners at ur place??? Here we don’t have.... I m missing India ...... ;-( :(. But soon we’ll be there for our vacations.... All my friends myt be missing India too..
Ne ways Time to say Ta ta Byeeeee.


Friday, April 10, 2009

A Tasty Side Dish goes with Peas Paratha

Hey all! Weekend has arrived for u guys and our weekend got over… All u guys enjoy ur weekend and cook delicious food as we did. Now to my story…….
I have to empty my fridge within 23rd as we are leaving to India on 24th. So I decided not to purchase any veggies. Which vegetable shud I use was my Q……. ok ok I don’t have to think a lot I’ll its time to use potatoes.. and to go with it I wud prepare chapathi(as I had loz of flour). Potatoes were on flame nd got boiled….. They were waiting to get cooked with something… but wat? Then I thought of Aloo Palak… as I have I m presented with a recipe book by my sweet hubby. Mr. Handsome came home like a hungry tiger. So I decided to do chapathis. But my dear one wanted to eat Peas Paratha which has become his recent fav…. Ok I had to make him happy so I ground frozen peas and mixed it in the flour. Now the side dish for Paratha???? Hmmmmmmm then came my Mr. nd told Hey I’ll prepare something and started chopping things he wanted for his dish. Then he asked me if we had cauliflower in the fridge I said yeh a small piece is crying in fridge from long….. ok now I took the C and gave to Mr. G he cut them off and started preparing his dish…. He never allowed me to touch that dish as it was a Patent. What ever he had cooked just tasted yummmmilicious, fantastic, tasty……
But what’s the name was my Q. ok now lets name it together said Guru Then decided a name for it Malaidaar Aloo Gobi.
When I came here he told me that he’ll cook at least once in a week. Wud he get time to cook? This was the Q going on in my mind. Because my hubby cooked rarely before marriage. Oh oh! One thing is there that’s whenever he cooks he wanted it to be perfect and tasty. And it wud for sure. Now I m really happy bcoz he kept his words…. He is cooking for me once in a week.
Parathas were empty and the MAG was remaining not to worry I said and I just ate it like this as it really was so tasty.
Lucky Me!! To eat the lovely food my husband prepares.

I M sending this to
WYF : Side Dish of Simple Indian Food.

Ok now to the recipes:
Peas Paratha:

Fresh or frozen peas- ½ cup, wheat flour -1cup, salt to taste, sugar -1tbsp, ghee -2tbsp
Grind peas coarsely & keep aside. In a bowl add ghee, salt & lil warm water and mix until sugar is dissolved. Then add flour lil by lil and make soft dough. Keep aside for at least ½ n hr. Now make small balls of these and roll it into parathas.
Heat a griddle and fry these parathas until done.
I never oiled it when frying as I used ghee when I mixed the dough.
Now to the delicious patent recipe:
I know I m not making justice to the dish as the click isn’t so clear.
For Malaidaar Aloo we need:
Boiled Potatoes, Cauliflower -10-12 florets, cumin seeds -1tsp, finely chopped ginger -1tbsp, green chilly -2, Fish Masala- 2 tbsp( u can use any masala of ur choice), 8 finely chopped garlic, Onion- 1 finely chopped, Fresh cream – 4tbsp, oil -1tbsp, finely chopped coriander leaves – few, salt to taste.

Boil potatoes, peel then and cut into cubes.
In a pan heat oil add cumin seeds, when they splatter add ginger, garlic and onion and fry until raw smell flies off.
Then add green chillies, cauliflower and add little water and cook until cauliflower is done.
Add the Fish masala( It doesn’t contain egg now fish its just used for fish, as my hubby eats fish we got this at home), salt and mix well.
Then add potatoes and mix well.
Add cream to the dish and mix. Cook until it gets a good boil. Then add coriander leaves and remove from flame.
Serve this dish with anything of ur choice.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegetable Manchow Soup

Vegetable Man chow Soup is made from vegetables and Chinese chilly chutney/ sauce. Our soup recipe section an assortment of tasty and easy to make. Soups from integral parts of any diet act as a appetizer. They r nutritional as well as stimulate ones hunger. So one need not pounce like a tiger on any body. :P. This Indo Chinese soup we tasted a week back in Village. My hubby really needed such a soup that day as he had caught cold. The soup was tangy and gingery. Uffff! At last his cold was off on its permanent vacations

Every time I keep thinking wat shall I prepare today? This time I remembered about the Man chow Soup… but I never made it so gingery… no one had caught cold :P. I hadn’t prepared it since years… so wasn’t confident if it would taste gud. But God! It did taste well and we had it slurp!!!!!!!!.

Here is what I used:
8-9 Mushrooms sliced, 1 Carrot finely chopped, 4-5 beans finely chopped, few spring onion greens finely chopped, 1 onion finely chopped, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, A small piece of ginger finely chopped, 1 green chilly slit, 2 tbsp chilly sauce, 1 tbsp soya sauce, 2 tsp vinegar, 1 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp Butter, salt to taste.

Heat butter in a bottom pan, Add ginger garlic paste and fry until raw smell is off. Then add chopped onions and ginger, chilly and sauté. Add all the veggies, and fry do not over cook them. They must crunch. Add water as required and mix well then all the sauces, vinegar and salt to taste. As it is boiling make a paste of corn flour and mix it in the soup and allow it to bubble once bubbled remove from flame serve hot HOT.
P.S: U can add fried noodles also when serving.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nutty Cookies with Chocolate

My first bake was a cup cake. When it clicked i was somewhat confident of baking.
So my next one was a cookie. My sweet little neighbour 4 n ½ yr old Esha is always with me when I cook something special as her school is off for summer vacations & her best friend Ayra has gone to India. She helped me in preparing cookies and was so happy that she too did the cookies with me. When the cookies where done this lil one was so excited to eat those. Boy! It came out good i cannot say the best because i m still in pre-kg in baking. When I saw Truptis Eggless Almond cookies i was pulled to do that but i made some changes.
Here is what we need:
All purpose flour -1/2 cup
Wheat -1/2 cup
Powdered Sugar -1/2 cup
Softened butter - 1/2 cup
Baking powder-1/4th tsp
Chocolate -1 bar (I used Galaxy)
Crushed Almonds -1/2 cup
Crushed pistachios -1/4th cup
1. In a large mixing bowl mix butter, sugar,eggs, baking powder and untill light and fluffy.
2. Add almonds, pistachios,melted chocolates and mix very well. Then gradually add flour and stir it very well until all ingredients come together.
3. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
4. Grease the tray, Roll dough into walnut sized balls, or drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto the greased tray, leaving 2 inches between cookies.( i never had cookies sheet so i used greased sheet).
5. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes in the preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool. Enjoy the lovely cookies.( as i used grill i baked for 10 min and kept on broil for 10 more min).