Anonymous said…
Hi..I came here after reading your post on samsung convection oven. I own one too and had a very bad experience with baking. I baked at 180 C for 45 mins in convection mode after preheatiung..but my cake did not get cooked in the center at all..while the outer crust was getting burnt on baking for more time. The cake rose up and on the outisde looked like it baked well...but the inner part was not baking at all...can u help me out in this....I put the cake on the glass top directly...used 9" baking pan....I just can;t understand what went wrong.....can u post a detailed baking procedure with pics of the cake in the oven, as I have googled and found many having the same problem...but no one answered it...except saying increase temp...which led to further burning of the outer crust rather than the inner part cooking....Help me out of my distress...thanks
♥Aps♥ said…
Hello there,
i have had the same experience during initial baking process.... it was a disaster.... I even complained the samsung ppl. they got back too... but that did not help...
I tried my own method then.... thats if a recipe called for baking 20 minutes then i used to bake for 15 min in conv mode then next 2 minutes in convection+microwave mode.... and even if not done increase time by a minute and so... but make sure that if the recipe calls for 180deg reduce it when u bake in conv+micro mode!
I m not using that oven now... as i have shifted from india to uae.... and i havent purchased a convection oven here.... i have some cake recipes which can be made through microwave i will surely try them and post it sometime :)
With this info i hope to have solved with ur query.... if u have anymore u can always get back to me any time :)
Anonymous said…
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